Effective communication has always been an art. From the pages of the Gutenberg Bible to any quality publication of today, creative design remains a requirement. Changes in technology have not reduced the need for an artist. In reality, the changes have only put a new brush into the artists hand.

Logos & Corporate Branding

A good logo has functional simplicity at its heart. It should be able to cross graphic platforms from simple black ink, blind emboss, foil stamp, die cut, to embroidery and color ink. A logo is going to last your firm a very long time and represent a significant investment.

Graphic Design

The aim of Graphic Design is to provoke interest in your product, be it a book, brochure, flyer, label, or the host of other items that might come to mind. Typography, photography, illustration, and cartooning are all potential tools on the designer’s palette.

Cartoons, Illustration, & Art

The line of distinction between these three art forms becomes more blurred every year. NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) art has taken some simple cartoons and elevated them to the price and stature of original Warhol’s.

Book Covers

Cartoons, art, and typography are all used to illustrate book covers. Usage should be determined by the desired effect and market. For instance, a difficult subject may benefit from a typographical or cartoon solution versus an illustration, which would be too graphic, or a technical title that needs to look scholarly and cries out for simple typography.

Illustrated Stories

Children’s illustrated stories are a great pleasure to create. Though usually very time consuming, they are a lot of fun. I provide a range of styles that span from near fine art to simple cartoons. I have illustrated subject matter that moves from teaching a child how to manage money, to dealing with ridicule for having a big nose.