About Me

An Introduction to the Art and Design Work of Paul Annan

Omega Creations, Ltd. was formed in 1991 as a Colorado corporation. My professional experience includes working solo and with creative teams. I have collaborated with producers, other graphic artists, illustrators, and musicians assisting in creating recording packages that went gold and platinum, including set design for an off-Broadway play. Book covers, product labels, newsletters, billboards, and virtually anything graphic in a variety of media have formed my repertoire.

My active client list is carefully cultivated, but I always enjoy building a new relationship. I have held some clients in excess of thirty years. My production/project management experience has encompassed every aspect of print media from concept to fulfillment. I have been directly responsible for the art/prepress & print supervision of over 500 direct mail projects (over 325 million units). All of this is to say, I am intimately familiar with the demands of the graphic design and print industries. My most significant caveat is that I am not a proofreader (and do not desire to be one).

I am fluent in both traditional and digital media, utilizing whichever combination represents the best means to accomplish a superior final product. My program experience encompasses Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and several other programs. CorelDraw suite is my platform of choice (the scope of import/export filters that accompany Corel encompasses most commonly used programs and formats in an all-in-one environment).

I am well versed in the use and function of vector and bitmap-based graphics. All of the logos on my site are vector-based designs. My online portfolio displays many examples of vector graphics and vectors blended with digital and traditional media. In addition to digital formats, I am fluent in traditional media, pen & ink, watercolor, gouache, oils, etc. The advantage to you in all of this experience is that I know the reproduction limitations and advantages of these various media. I am familiar with the technical limitations of printing presses, ink jet, silkscreen, paper, and ink.

On a personal note, my professional experience, commitment to quality, and integrity are inextricably wrapped up in my love for Jesus Christ. Early in my career, I served in the Army where I was trained as a field medic, but spent my term of service as a military artist. Upon my exit from the Army, I created graphics for a ministry called the Agape Force. Next, I became the art department for World Challenge, Inc. (the ministry of David Wilkerson, who authored “The Cross and the Switchblade). Presently, I am fully engaged with my own graphic design / art / publishing business, Omega Creations, Ltd.

Thank you for your time!

Paul Annan